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After the launch of our Clear case, we are just as excited to share all the information you might want to know about these new products, so we have compiled a top 10 of – possibly – the most frequently asked questions! If you are on the fence about whether you should get the RhinoShield Clear case, this article might help you make that decision.


Q1: Will the Clear case turn yellow?

Short answer: No. Long answer: During our research and development process for the RhinoShield Clear case, one of our top priorities was to create a truly transparent case that could withstand the test of time and rough environments, or, simply put, a clear case that doesn't turn yellow. After 168 hours of SGS’s anti yellowing and ageing experiments which consists of intense and extensive exposure to high-temperature UV lights and extreme levels of humidity, Clear was still able to maintain a clean and spotless look, as if it was just taken out of the box. Isn’t that neat?

But don’t take our word for it. If you are like us and only believe it when you see it, you can rest assured, as the Clear is covered by our Lifetime Replacement Warranty! Should it ever become yellow, you can contact us and we will send a free replacement your way. Detailed warranty information can be found here.


Q2: Is the Clear case impact protective?

A perk of being part of #TeamRhinoShield is that you know you won’t have to worry about the protection for any of our cases, and Clear is no exception. Made with our patented ShockSpread™ material, Clear exceeds the military standards of drop protection and is ultra scratch-resistant, so your device will stay safe from accidental drops during daily use. We also made sure that the material did not contain any toxic substances such as BPA/BPF/BPS, so you can go about your day without worries.


Q3: Where can I buy the transparent case? What models are there to choose from?

The RhinoShield Clear can be purchased from the Clear case page, and is currently available for the iPhone 12 and 13 Series. More device models will be supported soon, stay tuned!


Q4: Is the Clear case compatible with MagSafe?

Our cases are not equipped with a magnet, but they are perfectly compatible with MagSafe’s charging function. To maximise the protection for your device, the MagSafe magnetic strength will be weaker due to the slight thickness of the Mod NX (standard case mode) and SolidSuit cases, however, it will not affect the charging capabilities. Kindly note that we're not able to guarantee compatibility with unofficial, third-party magnetic wireless chargers.


Q5: Which accessories of the Clear case are changeable and how many colours are available?

You can customise the Clear case’s camera ring (8 colours), volume and power buttons (26 colours), and lanyards (6 colours). More than 1,200 possible combinations let you mix and match to your own style or even inspire you to create new ones. The possibilities are endless!


Q6: How to install the Clear case?

Easily! The installation method of the Clear case is very similar to our other RhinoShield cases. With your phone’s screen facing you and the back of the case facing away, simply insert your device’s top right and bottom right corners into the case, then repeat for the other two corners.

Q7: Can you disassemble and adjust the length of the lanyard? Is it only compatible with the Clear case?

For now, the lanyard accessories are only compatible with the RhinoShield Clear case. Its total length is 163cm, but it comes with a slider so you can adjust it and get creative with the way you wear it! Furthermore, we went a step further and made the lanyard with 100% earth-friendly materials: the rope is made of recycled textiles, while the hooks, aglets, and sliders are made from Mod NX backplates.  


Q8: Does the Clear case have raised edges to protect the lens and screen?

Definitely! No matter which RhinoShield case you own, whether it is our SolidSuit, Mod NX, CrashGuard NX, or Clear, we always make it a point to design each case to provide the most protection in every corner, so raised edges are a must. To add an extra touch of personality in the mix, the Clear case’s camera ring colour is changeable so you can match it to your style without compromising on the protection!


Q9: How do I clean the Clear case? Can I use alcohol wipes to disinfect it?

For daily cleaning of smudges and dirt, we recommend using a wet paper towel without alcohol, or a microfiber cloth for lint. For disinfection, we recommend quickly wiping the case with a soft cloth with a small amount of 75% alcohol. As alcohol itself is slightly corrosive, it is not recommended to keep it in contact with the case’s surface for too long, so it is important to clean it swiftly.


Q10: Will you release more Clear case colours? Can I customisable the case?

Without a doubt! We have got many new case colours, original and collaboration prints as well as Design Your Own Case options planned for release, so make sure you’re following us from newsletter and social media platforms to be in the loop for the latest news!


If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment on social media pages, send us a direct message, or even write to our customer care team here.

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