Best iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro series phone accessories to buy now!

Already have your new iPhone 14 on hand and now you’re looking for the best cases and phone accessories for it? If so, you’re in the right place. RHINOSHIELD is ready for every iPhone 14 phone accessories you will need, including phone cases, screen protectors, phone grips, lanyards, cables, and more, there’s always something new to discover!

What’s new for the iPhone 14 series

Before moving onto RHINOSHIELD products, let’s have a look at what's new for the iPhone 14 series. Besides new colors and size specs (aka the iPhone 14 Plus), here are some features for these new devices that you would not want to overlook:
Dynamic Island: No more notch (aka the black cutout) for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. A brilliant design to present and deliver new information without distracting users from the app you’re currently in.

Always-on display: This feature was introduced to help you save on battery life by dimming the brightness while still displaying essential info (time, quick notifications, app widgets), right from the lockscreen. Available for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.
Crash detection and emergency SOS via satellite: According to Apple article, this innovative function allows your iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro to connect directly to a satellite, enabling messaging emergency services even when you’re outside of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage. (Quoted from Apple: Emergency SOS via satellite on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro lineups made possible by $450 million Apple investment in US infrastructure)

Best iPhone 14 series and iPhone 14 Pro series phone cases

RHINOSHIELD offers various types of phone cases for your new iPhone 14. One of the main features of our cases are the huge amount of customization options, which includes not only over thousands of designs (Naruto Shippuden, Dragon Ball Z, Snoopy, PewDiePie, NBA and many more) and changeable accessories (buttons, camera rings, and lanyard), but even the ability to personalize it with your favorite photos or texts, with our custom phone case maker (Design Your Own Case)! Creativity has no limits in our book. Besides standard phone cases, RHINOSHIELD also carries MagSafe compatible phone cases for the SolidSuit, Clear case, and Mod NX product lines, all of which feature 2 times the magnetic strength of Apple’s official products, putting behind all of your worries about accidental drops.

SolidSuit - New colors and upgrades!

SolidSuit, our best-selling phone case with changeable buttons & camera rings, premium finish, and ultra-drop protective improves your experience with your iPhone 14 series, as it provides a snug fit, easy installation and removal, and hassle-free cleaning. 

To match the new colors of the iPhone 14 series devices, 5 new colors were launched, including Ash Gray, Cobalt Blue, Antique Bronze, Violet and Sage Green. Take a step even further by mixing and matching the colors of the changeable camera ring! If you are more into a more low-key look, iPhone 14 series phone cases are also available with a carbon fiber finish and the classic standard colors Black, White, and Blush Pink.

Clear - New colors for the camera ring

Clear is different from any clear cases you’ve seen in the market. RHINOSHIELD Clear case isn’t just a case that doesn’t turn yellow (Learn more about RHINOSHIELD Clear case: Clear Case That Doesn't Turn Yellow), but it is also fully customizable. Changeable buttons, camera rings, adjustable lanyard cables, and thousands of print designs are available for you to create the case that perfectly embodies YOU.


Mod NX & CrashGuard NX - Never get bored of changing styles

Mod NX and CrashGuard NX are modular cases that lets you switch between a standard case and bumper case. Mix and match the bumpers, rims and the buttons with over 10 colors and thousands of backplate designs. There’s always something that fits your style.

Best iPhone 14 series and iPhone 14 Pro series phone accessories

Besides phone cases, here are other essential accessories for your iPhone 14, featuring screen protectors, camera lens protectors, phone grips, and cables:

Screen protectors - Get that 360 degrees protection

For a full-coverage protection for your phone, an impact protection screen protector is needed. The RHINOSHIELD 3D Screen Protector fulfills that job very well, as it contours the edges of the device for a seamless look and feel, and a wider protected area. Easy to install and ultra-durable, it is available in 3 versions: Transparent, Privacy and Matte. Make sure to also pick up some lens protectors so all corners are protected!

Phone grips - GRIPMINI & GRIPMAX

Your life can be easier with a phone grip! Take selfies, watch videos vertically or horizontally by holding your device tightly or using it hands-free by propping it anywhere with RHINOSHIELD’s latest phone grip products: GRIPMINI & GRIPMAX. It is available in 2 versions: with the adhesive version, which makes the GRIP attachable to any device model phone case with a flat back, and the MagSafe compatible version, which magnetically snaps on to RHINOSHIELD MagSafe compatible phone cases. Both versions are fully customizable - with over hundreds of designs available - and personalizable with your own photos and texts.

Charging cables

Our sturdy and durable range of charge and sync cables include:
◾ Lightning to USB-A Charging Cable
◾ Braided Lightning to USB-A Cable
◾ Lightning to USB-C Cable

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