GRIP GREATNESS in the palm of your hand with RHINOSHIELD GRIPMINI & GRIPMAX phone grip stand

Need a helping hand? We’ve got you covered. Introducing the RHINOSHIELD GRIPMINI, GRIPMAX, and GRIPMAX (MagSafe compatible) the handiest phone stand, phone grip, mobile accessory, or however you prefer to call it, made to be your perfect companion when using your phone throughout the day.

Designed to make your life more convenient, the RHINOSHIELD GRIP is super easy to operate: slide it open within a second, slide your fingers through the comfy handle and voilà: You’re ready to binge watch your favourite Netflix series, video call your friends and family, catch up on the latest TikTok trends, livestream your camping trip, or endlessly scroll through the hottest memes.

Without further ado, let’s take a deeper look into how the RHINOSHIELD GRIPMINI & GRIPMAX will help you GRIP GREATNESS.

Effortlessly convenient

All you need is one second

Nowadays, phones are an essential part of our daily lives, and while most modern models feature a sleek and polished looking finish, very often they have the equivalent amount of grippiness as a wet bar of soap.

This is where the RHINOSHIELD GRIPMINI and GRIPMAX phone grip + phone case combo comes in. The GRIP’s simple yet innovative mechanism lets you open it easily using one hand, within as little as a second, so you can have a tight grasp on your device at all times, while the ultra-protective phone case will keep it safe in the rare occasions it happens to drop.


If you’ve got a MagSafe compatible iPhone, the GRIPMAX, a MagSafe compatible grip, is a great choice. According to our tests, the magnets included have 2 times the magnetic strength of Apple’s official products, so you can easily attach, remove, and reapply, without needing to worry about accidental drops. They also pair perfectly with our RHINOSHIELD MagSafe compatible phone cases, which include the SolidSuit (iPhone 14 series), Mod NX and Clear case.

Versatility in one hand

Designed for comfort

In contrast with difficult-to-open ring phone holders and other similar products, the patented design of the GRIP makes it possible for it to be held in a variety of different ways, providing a comfortable hold even after hours of usage. It can also be easily removed and reapplied in different positions, so you can prop your phone in landscape or portrait mode depending on your needs, making it a very handy companion.

Some tips on how to place your GRIP:

Portrait mode: Place your phone grip horizontally, at the lower section of your device.
Landscape mode: Place your phone grip vertically, in the middle of your device.

Whether it is for daily needs, outdoor sports, or travel, the stand can be transformed into what you need in a second to capture every important moment.

Customisation without limits

Show your uniqueness

Phones are used so much throughout the day for texting, calling, taking notes, browsing social media, playing games, etc., that at some point it can even be considered an extension of ourselves. Adding accessories such as a phone case and a phone grip not only adds protection, but it also makes your device the perfect platform to showcase your style.

RHINOSHIELD gives you the power to make your phone your own billboard of self-expression, by offering over 100 unique original designs and exclusive collaboration designs, on top of customisation services that allow you to choose from 27 different colours and add your own custom text and pictures.

Consciously green

Cutting the waste at the source

Sustainability has always been one of our most important core values when it comes to product design. Aside from its unique innovative patented mechanism, 85% of the GRIPMINI and GRIPMAX is made from recycled materials in our mission to become the best choice for environmentally friendly mobile phone cases and mobile phone holders on the market.

Strong and durable phone grip

Can be opened and closed over 200,000 times

Our R&D team went all out for the GRIP. After endless tests against external elements such as gravity, wind, vibration, poking, sliding it open and close countless times repeatedly, we can confidently say that this phone grip can take a hit, is durable and stable, and will last you a long time.

Quick and easy installation

Apply, reapply, rinse and repeat.

The high-duty adhesive can be reapplied over 100 times without wear. Unlike other phone rings, this handy phone stand can be easily detached, washed, and repositioned as needed on your phone case.

*Do not apply on matte silicone, matte glass, leather and other soft materials.

How to clean the RHINOSHIELD phone GRIP

Take control of your phone and take your style and life experiences up a notch with RHINOSHIELD GRIPMINI and GRIPMAX! Visit our official website to get yours in your favourite designs for your Android or iOS iPhone device.